Tribute to the Reviewers of the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacy and the CJHP Editorial Board would like to thank the following people for serving as peer reviewers for the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy in 2012. Their assistance has helped us to maintain the high quality of articles published in the Journal.

Guest editor: William McLean


Margaret L Ackman

Collin Anderson

Trudy Arbo

Robert Ariano

Zubin Austin

Arden Barry

Bill Bartle

Marisa Battistella

Marie Beechenor

Jim Blackburn

André Bonnici

Cynthia Brocklebank

Nicole Bruchet

Carolyn D Bubbar

Lisa D Burry

Andrea Cameron

Roxane R Carr

Richard Cashin

Jeff Chan

Judy Chong

Dennis Cote

Ian Creurer

Carlo De Angelis

Deonne A Dersch-Mills

Artemis Diamantouros

Douglas Doucette

Dean Eurich

Paul Filiatrault

Patrick Fitch

Alfred Gin

Genevieve Goulet

Sylvain Grenier

Henry Halapy

David Hill

Barbara Hill-Taylor

Anne Hiltz

Kathryn Hollis

Christine A Hughes

Janice Ir vine-Meek

Stephane Jean

Zahra Kanji

Jennifer Kendrick

Heather Kertland

Angela Kim-Sing

Paul Koke

Sheri L Koshman

Denis Lebel

Michael Legal

Marianna Leung

Ann-Marie Liberman

Adrienne J Lindblad

Peter Loewen

Gabriel Loh

Alan Low

Janice Ma

Dan Martinusen

Karen McDermaid

Bruce Millin

Janice Munroe

John Murphy

Tania Mysak

Jeff Nagge

Geoff W Norris

Lesley Palmay

Michael J Peeters

Jocelyne Pepin

Marc Perreault

Colette B Raymond

Cheryl A Sadowski

Joel Schlatter

Winnie Seto

Karen F Shalansky

Stephen Shalansky

Ian Sheppard

Wendy Simoens

Kevin Sowinski

Ann Thompson

Karen Tietze

Alice Tseng

Scott E Walker

Karen Walsh

Dawn Warkentin

Kyle Wilby

Dennis Williams

Donna M Woloschuk

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The continuing support that these peer reviewers demonstrate for our publication is greatly appreciated, and we thank them for their time and effort on behalf of the CJHP .

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy , please register online at or contact Colleen Drake, Publications Administrator for CSHP, at 613-736-9733 ext. 228 or

Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy , VOLUME 66 , NUMBER 1 , January-February 2013