Pharmacist-Managed Toxicology Consult Service at the Ottawa Hospital: Epidemiology of Referrals, Evaluation of Written Consults, and Survey of Past Residents


  • Salmaan Kanji The Ottawa Hospital
  • Gisia Pisegna The Ottawa Hospital
  • Chole Campbell The Ottawa Hospital
  • Robert Maclean The Ottawa Hospital
  • Sabrina Natarajan The Ottawa Hospital
  • Celine Corman The Ottawa Hospital
  • Rakesh Patel The Ottawa Hospital



The role of clinical pharmacy services in acute care settings such as the emergency department and the intensive care unit (ICU) has been documented since the 1970s. These studies have demonstrated that the participation by pharmacists in direct patient care exerts a positive influence on patient outcomes, cost containment, and prevention of adverse drug reactions.1-10 In comparison, pharmacy-managed consult services in acute care settings are less common, and the few that have been described in published reports appear to have been limited to the monitoring of specific therapeutic drugs, medication history-taking, and the provision of drug information.5,7,8


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Pharmacy Practice / Pratique pharmaceutique